08 Oct

Animal Hospital Near Del Rio

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Providing care for over 60 years, Yosemite has been serving as your trusted animal hospital near Del Rio for decades. We provide affordable emergency and non-emergency veterinary care to pet owners throughout the community. We know how hectic life can be at times, which is why we are open until midnight Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday until five o’clock. If your pet is facing an urgent health care crisis, we are here for both them and for you. We offer emergency and non-emergency care to best fit your pet’s needs. Whether your pet is a puppy or a kitten, or a senior dog or cat, we have you covered for all your needs.

We know the importance of appropriate preventive care for pets. Life-threatening illnesses can often be avoided entirely with basic vaccinations. Debilitating diseases, when caught in their earliest stages, are generally much more treatable than their advanced-stage counterparts. For sudden illness or injury, we have a range of diagnostic tools to help diagnose and treat a problem. If you are going out of town, we even offer affordable boarding options for your furry friend, where they are sure to receive the same level of love and compassion they get at home. The convenience of having your pet boarded at a vet clinic is unparalleled, as we can provide appropriate care if your pet is receiving certain treatment or if they face a medical emergency in your absence.

Animal Hospital Near Del Rio

At Yosemite Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in urgent and emergency care for your pet. We know how scary emergencies can be when they involve a beloved companion. Whether it’s a car accident, a swallowed tray of brownies or a sudden seizure, these are terrifying events for a pet owner. As an animal hospital serving the Del Rio area, we take our role in your pet’s continued good health seriously. If you are faced with an emergency pet situation, or need the convenience of animal hospital that’s open until midnight 6 days a week, please feel free to drop on by and visit us today!