12 Feb

Choosing a Veterinarian in Modesto, CA

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Choosing a Veterinarian in Modesto, CA

Veterinarian in Modesto, CA

Have you recently found yourself in need of a veterinarian in the Modesto, CA area? Perhaps you’ve just moved here with your family dog, or your kids have finally convinced you to get that rabbit they’ve always wanted since you started watching the old Winnie the Pooh tapes you found in a box in the attic. Maybe your cat had one too many bad experiences at the last vet that you decided it’s time to look elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, Yosemite Veterinary Hospital is happy to be here to help you out. With appointments 7 days a week, we’ve tried to make it easy on you and your 4-legged family to live a happy and healthy life.

We treat all sorts of common medical issues that household pets come down with, but we’ve also prided ourselves on providing emergency and urgent care to the community members we serve. A sudden accident with your pet can leave you reeling, unsure of where to turn for help. From poisonings to being hit by a car to the infamous chocolate binge-fest, there are quite a few ways our animals may end up needed these kinds of services. We always suggest keeping the phone number and address of an emergency vet on-hand for times like these.

And for those chronic conditions? How frustrating is it to have to bring your pet all the way to the vet only to find out that you have to head clear across town to get a scan or an x-ray done? Finding a veterinarian in Modesto that does it all on-site saves you time and may end up saving your pet’s life. It can be nice to know that your vet clinic is a one-stop shop when it comes to caring for your animal.

Friendly faces, affordable care and convenience are the principles we work by here at Yosemite Veterinary Hospital. When you bring your cat, dog, rabbit or pocket pet in for medical care, we’ll make sure you and your beloved pet get what you need at the right time and in the right way.

Choosing a Veterinarian in Modesto, CA

If you’re in need of a veterinarian in Modesto, CA, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Yosemite Veterinary Hospital.