Pet vaccine clinic in Modesto, CA
10 May

Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic in Modesto, CA

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It’s easy to forget just how difficult pet ownership must have been before the days of vaccinations. Back in the day, dogs and cats were working animals, and their average lifespan was significantly lower than what we now know they can live to today. Through the years, medical science has given us one of the best gifts we can give our pets to ensure a long and happy life. Vaccines have saved countless pet (and human) lives, strengthening the bond between us and our now beloved animals. If your cat or dog isn’t up to date, consider finding a pet vaccine clinic in Modesto sooner rather than later.

You’ve likely heard diseases like Parvo and Feline Leukemia tossed around on TV or mentioned by your vet as a shot your animal needs, but these are two of the most debilitating conditions your dogs and cats can develop. Just like how the horrors of smallpox have faded from memory, so too have the negative effects of these viruses, especially how hard one of these diseases can be on younger cats and dogs. Your new Boxer puppy is especially susceptible to the extreme gastrointestinal symptoms associated with a viral infection like Parvo, and your cute little Tabby kitten may have a particularly rough time with a Feline Leukemia diagnosis. To protect them, it’s important to take your new pet to a vaccine clinic in the Modesto area before you take them out into the world to play and explore.

If a door handle at the grocery store is enough to make a human sick with a bad cold, just imagine the messes your dog dives nose first into. A fun afternoon walk with a sniff at the pavement is enough to pass Parvo on to your pup. And for outdoor cats, Feline Leukemia is easy to pass from a neighbor’s kitty to yours.

These aren’t the only diseases you need to worry about as a pet owner, unfortunately. There are a number of potentially deadly viruses out there, but there are thankfully some highly effective protections against them too. If you’re unsure of what your pet needs to stay safe, your local Modesto pet vaccine clinic will be able to tell you all about the core- and lifestyle-based vaccinations that can help keep them healthy.

If you have any questions, vaccine-related or otherwise, feel free to reach out to us at Yosemite Veterinary Hospital.

Pet vaccine clinic in Modesto, CA

Pet vaccine clinic in Modesto, CA