26 Jan

Laboratory Testing

Just like the tests your doctor performs at your physical or when you’re feeling unwell, our veterinarian will also want to check similar vital signs with your pet. These are often simple and non-invasive tests that look for common conditions in dogs and cats. Many of these can be performed in-house and require little time for processing so that we can get you the answers you need quickly and efficiently.

Urinalysis is simply when we collect a urine sample from your pet to try to detect conditions that may affect the urinary tract or kidneys. We’ll generally run these either as part of a regular wellness exam or if there are concerning symptoms such as a change in urinating habits. We can analyze samples in a variety of ways to check for different problems so that you have a clear answer to your pet’s health issues.

Another common in-house test we may run is a fecal analysis, which allows us to diagnose a number of diseases and parasites like Giardia and tapeworms. These infections can cause serious help problems for your pet, so it’s important to be able to diagnose them early.

In house blood work may also be necessary to test for or monitor the progress of chronic conditions. If your pet is feeling unwell, we may ask to run blood tests to figure out how to help them best. For internal problems, we also offer digital x-rays to provide an in depth diagnosis of more complicated conditions.

We’ll always consult with you before running these tests to make sure that our diagnostic plan matches your expectations of cost and level of care.

Yosemite Veterinary Hospital provides in house laboratory testing in the Modesto, Empire, Riverbank, OakDale, Manteca, Stockton and Turlock areas.