19 Dec

Emergency Services

At Yosemite Veterinary Hospital, we know that sometimes emergencies happen. It’s our goal to provide convenient and skilled medical care for your pet during those stressful times. Emergency walk-ins are always welcome at our facility.

Some common examples include, but are not limited to, situations such as serious bleeding from a wound that does not stop for 5 minutes or blood coming from any orifice like the nose or mouth. Many emergencies can be detected from your pet’s inability to pass urine and feces or prolonged bouts of diarrhea. Another concerning sign would be their inability to drink water.

Other injuries that require immediate medical attention are more obvious. If your pet has been hit by a car or attacked by another animal, they may need our help. Another common reason to bring your pet in for emergency services is if they’ve eaten something poisonous, like rodent poison or chocolate.

There are many other life-threatening conditions that your pet may need to be treated for quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our clinic so that our team can help determine whether or not you should bring your animal in. It can be tough to make that call if you’re not sure about the dangers specific to your pet’s species. We’re here to help you understand your options.

It’s a good idea to keep the phone number of an emergency veterinary clinic on hand so that you have it easily accessible. You should also consider giving it to pet sitters or anyone caring for your animal when you’re not around.

Yosemite Veterinary Hospital provides emergency services in the Modesto, Empire, Riverbank, OakDale, Manteca, Stockton and Turlock areas.