19 Dec


Your animal means the world to you, and we want to make sure that you’re never separated. Microchipping your pet is a simple and quick office procedure that helps identify your pet in case they go missing. It’s much more effective than a collar that can get snagged on a fence or be slipped out of on a walk. It goes wherever your pet does, helping bring them home in the worst of circumstances.

The microchip itself is about as small as a grain of rice. It’s implanted just under the skin and can be read just by running a scanner over the spot at any time. It is important to have a skilled vet perform the procedure to help prevent migration of the microchip if it’s placed poorly. This makes it harder to find the microchip later and may make identifying your pet more difficult. There are a few much less common but scarier risks of poor implantation, which may lead to life-threatening illnesses or death. This is why we strongly suggest taking your pet to a veterinary clinic you trust for this procedure.

Once the microchip is implanted, you can update your owner information associated with the chip, such as address and phone number, whenever you move or in case the animal changes owners.

Microchipping has reunited countless owners with lost pets since its implementation. It’s a common procedure that carries very low risk when done in a clean environment by a skilled veterinarian. We highly recommend it for most pets, and are happy to perform it safely for your peace of mind.

Yosemite Veterinary Hospital is happy to provide microchipping for pets in the Modesto, Empire, Riverbank, OakDale, Manteca, Stockton and Turlock areas.