19 Dec


Vaccinations for cats and dogs are an important part of keeping your pets safe. Some, like rabies, are considered core vaccinations, and are recommended for all animals. If you ever want to take your pet on a plane or to a boarding facility, some of these will be required. This prevents the transfer of contagious infections between animals and from animals to their human owners.

Our kitten and puppy packages include the core vaccinations that will protect your pet from a variety of life-threatening diseases. It’s very easy to get it all done at once when you’ve added a new member to the family, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the procedure.

Traditionally, vaccine boosters are given annually, though there are some shots that aren’t effective for quite that long. Depending on the type of vaccinations your pet is receiving, Dr. Grewal will discuss your pet’s ideal shot schedule with you.

Differences in lifestyle between animals can greatly affect the type of vaccinations they should be getting. Pets with limited exposure to the outdoors may need fewer, while animals that accompany you on your adventures will require a more specialized program. We’ll discuss your pet’s specific situation with you so that we can determine the best course together. There are also regional diseases that pop up occasionally, which we can help prepare your pets for.

With your help, we can work to rid the world of some of these deadly infections that can lead to the loss of a beloved pet.

Yosemite Veterinary Hospital is proud to provide individualized vaccinations for pets and owners in the Modesto, Empire, Riverbank, OakDale, Manteca, Stockton and Turlock areas.